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Not Another Geometric Sans

Release Date March 2017
Classification Geometric Sans
No. of Fonts 18
Weights & Styles Thin, Thin Oblique, Extra Light, Extra Light Oblique, Light, Light Oblique, Regular, Oblique, Medium, Medium Oblique, Semibold, Semibold Oblique, Bold, Bold Oblique, Black, Black Oblique, Ultra, Ultra Oblique
Alternates 12
Small Caps Yes
No. of Glyphs 640+
European Language Support Yes, Latin only

Actually, it is another geometric sans typeface, but this one really does have a unique personality. Its defining features include soft, chamfered edges, angular bowls and shoulders, angled/hexagonal terminals, and semi-hexagonal ink traps (in a nutshell).

Inspired by the mechanics of engineering – the humble nut and bolt in particular – Meccanica is a versatile typeface that will give your own typography a distinctive voice. Initially designed as a display typeface (perfect for headlines, logotype, branding and short runs of text), Meccanica also reads well as body copy – particularly at smaller point sizes.

So why describe it as “not another geometric sans”? Certainly Meccanica behaves like a geometric sans and sits in the same footprint as many popular sans-serifs out there, yet its modified DNA flattens out opposing bowls and shoulders. Its stems, crossbars, arms and legs retract to form chamfered, hexagonal terminals, and straight, acute-angled joints expand into semi-hexagonal ink traps that all help to give Meccanica a very distinctive aesthetic.

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