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A Distinctive, Incised Serif Type Family

Release Date July 2018
Classification Incised Serif
No. of Fonts 7
Weights & Styles
Alternates 11
Ligatures 68
Small Caps Yes
Petite Caps Yes
No. of Glyphs 840
Language Support European – Latin Only

Majesty was designed with the intention of adding a touch of refined class to any implementation of it. An incised typeface, having a friendly resonance without being too austere, Majesty sits somewhere between the Trajan and Albertus type families, being inspired by the tradition of engraved type over the centuries.

While it can be used for body copy, I see Majesty’s primary applications as for use in branding, identity design, packaging, and titling, etc.

A theme that runs through my type designs is to pack in many useful OpenType features, and Majesty is no exception. Included in each font are Alternates, Small Caps, Petite Caps, Standard & Discretionary Ligatures, Proportional, Tabular, Small Cap and Old Style Figures, Fractions (Numerators & Denominators) plus Superiors and Inferiors – all available by the click of a button.

Perhaps the most effective and desirable feature I have built into Majesty are the all-cap discretionary ligatures. There are 52 capital ligatures and 16 lowercase ligatures – although it must be said that the lowercase ligatures only really become apparent in the Poster weight. I believe users will really enjoy the ligatures in Majesty as the glyphs shape-shift on the fly when typing your all cap headlines.

Please visit the Majesty Microsite for full details