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It dribbles and oozes...

This typeface is available exclusively through Monotype.

Release Date June 2018
Classification Rounded Freeform Sans
No. of Fonts 6
Weights Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black
Alternates 115
Ligatures 2
No. of Glyphs 350+
European Language Support Yes (Latin only)

Fluid was drawn with a pipette using liquids of varying consistency. The aim was to create letterforms that retained both legibility and fluid motion. Use of the pipette meant that the flow had to be consistent and restrained, using minimal strokes that would create recognisable glyphs.

The results were then scanned and digitised over several hours, I added European language support to make Fluid a versatile typeface.

This is meant to be a fun typeface, it won’t win any awards or anything, but I found it an enjoyable exercise in trying to create a font family that was a little bit different to my previous releases. You might find a use for it in a project that requires a sticky, gooey headline or a slippery logo concept ;-)


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