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Carrig Roman

Beautify Your Words

This typeface is part of The Monotype Library.

Release Date February 2015
Classification Antiqua
No. of Fonts 3
Weights & Styles Display, Text & Bold
Alternates 4
Ligatures 5
Small Caps None
Petite Caps None
No. of Glyphs 410
European Language Support Yes (Latin only)


ABOUT Carrig Roman

Carrig Roman is a natural progression from Carrig Refined.

Here I have drawn a full set of lowercase characters. At times I thought I was being over-ambitious to try and achieve this, but I persevered and believe I’ve created something distinctive and beautiful.


The history of this typeface is explained in full here – Carrig Rough. I now have the type design bug and I’m working on extending the Carrig family.

“Carrig Roman” is a fine-tuned version with a lowercase character set. I have styled each lowercase character with the same personality as their uppercase parents. One major thing I learned throughout the (seemingly endless) hours spent creating this typeface is that each letterform has to be considered individually, the weight of the ascenders and descenders, each serif, each curve and loop cannot be created in a uniform way and retain the overall personality. Obviously, you have to start that way to get the alphabet in place, but each letter was then individually modified to suit the relationship with their family members. Hopefully, you can see the love and attention to detail that has gone into this project and you may see the result is a pleasing and usable typeface that has its roots in tradition but is at home in “the now”.

I hope you like my creation and maybe I can tempt you to purchase it for an upcoming design project of your own?


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