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Carrig Refined

An All Caps Display Typeface

“Carrig Refined” is the polished version of Carrig Rough.

I have taken the essence and personality of my original hand drawn typeface and refined it. Carrig’s clean, curved lines, uniform serifs and precise kerning combine to make a unique, distinctive typeface that could be the perfect solution for your next design project.

Release Date January 2015
Classification Trajan Serif
No. of Fonts 2
Weights & Styles Regular & Bold
Alternates 4
Ligatures None
Small Caps Yes
Petite Caps None
No. of Glyphs 361
European Language Support Yes (no Cyrillic)

Carrig Refined Character Set


Carrig was originally hand-drawn and is therefore a deliberately irregular typeface. It came to life when I discovered an example of a beautiful Roman typeface in an old calligraphy workbook. I had been researching old typography for an identity I was designing for a picturesque and tranquil lakeside hotel. I had been leaning towards using Baskerville, Garamond or even Trajan for the logotype, but there was something about the hand drawn look that made it more personal and authentic. I felt it would be worth the effort to create a digital version to use in my designs.

So I attempted to copy it by hand and then began the process of interpreting my drawings in Macromedia Fontographer (anyone remember that app?) to create a working font. I managed to get a basic character set together and the identity was created and very well received by the client. But since then, ‘Carrig’ was pretty much forgotten. Awwww…

Until recently, when I suddenly found the inspiration to resurrect the project and breathe new life into it. Having purchased the wonderful Glyphs app, I rolled my sleeves up and set about creating the complete typeface which became “Carrig Rough”.

Now I have the type design bug, I’m working on extending the family. “Carrig Refined” is a fine-tuned version that retains the original personality while adding consistency and precision to the typeface. I hope that it will be seen as an alternative choice to the likes of Trajan for designers who are seeking something a little different to use in their designs.


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