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Carrig Compleat

Refined Elegance Perfected

Release Date May 2015
Classification Antiqua
No. of Fonts 3
Weights & Styles Roman (Display, Text & Bold), Italic (Display & Text), Rough (All Caps Regular & Bold), Refined (All Caps Regular & Bold)
Alternates 4
Ligatures 5
Small Caps Carrig Refined & Carrig Rough only
Petite Caps None
No. of Glyphs 410
European Language Support Yes (no Cyrillic)
Carrig is available either as a whole family, or can be bought as individual typefaces: CARRIG ROUGH | CARRIG REFINED | CARRIG ROMAN | CARRIG ITALIC


ABOUT Carrig Compleat

Carrig is my very first font family design. It began life in 1998 and after being in incubation (not festering!) for 16 years, I finally dragged the idea from the back of my mind and did something creative with it.

So, here we have more than just a couple of typefaces, Carrig, has come of age and matured into a family. Classified as an Antiqua, its heritage and style is a hybrid of Classic Roman (similar to Trajan) and Old Style/Garalde (similar to Garamond) typeface design, yet Carrig has a few refined characteristics of its own. I deliberately designed Carrig to appear as a familiar, friendly face on first viewing, but hopefully you’ll also be intrigued by the quirks that give Carrig a distinctive and attractive personality.

I envisage designers will use Carrig predominantly as a display typeface – one that is used for headlines and initial headline copy. Of course, it could also be ideal for your next branding design project, particularly if you are seeking an elegant serif face that has a sense of tradition with an air of prestige.


The Carrig Compleat Bundle is no longer available.

Carrig chosen as “Font of the Day” at Creative Bloq – 27/1/2016.