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Didonesque Ghost

An Extreme Contrast Typeface

Ghost is a new addition to the Didonesque family.

As you can tell, this ghost version has a more extreme contrast to each glyph’s structure. This makes for a highly fashionable style that is sure to capture attention whenever it is used. This family of 10 fonts will enhance any project that requires a touch of class. These fonts turn the contrast right up to 11 – giving each weight a ghost-like appearance by means of their hairline stems and serifs.

Didonesque Ghost was designed for very large display purposes, branding, corporate identities, headlines, advertising, wedding invitations and the like.

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Release Date September 2017
Classification Didone, Serif
No. of Fonts 10
Weights & Styles
  • Light
  • Light Italic
  • Regular
  • Italic
  • Bold
  • Bold Italic
  • Black
  • Black Italic
  • Ultra
  • Ultra Italic
Alternates 11
Ligatures 30
Small Caps Yes
Petite Caps Yes
No. of Glyphs 750+
European Language Support Latin only

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The original Didonesque family from January 2017 included two extreme weights – Display and Poster. These fonts provided the backbone for the Didonesque Ghost family and, as you can see, both the contrast and glyph detail has been revised to give Ghost its highly fashionable direction.



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