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Banjax Notched

Banjax Notched

It’s still banjaxed, just dynamically restyled...

Release Date February 2018
Classification Humanist Sans
No. of Fonts 14
Weights & Styles
  • Roman & Italic
  • ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black, Ultra
Alternates 3
Ligatures 4
Small Caps Yes
Petite Caps Yes
No. of Glyphs 1100
Language Support Latin Extended & Basic Greek




ABOUT Banjax Notched

Banjax Notched is a more dynamic interpretation of my original Banjax fonts. As the name suggests, the glyphs are notched – these precise incisions create a more energetic aesthetic.

The sense of drama the fonts evoke would be ideal for titling, headlines, branding and corporate identities. I feel they are particularly suited for use on book covers, magazines, film posters and all related advertising, as well as for promoting sporting and musical events.

As with Banjax, distinguishing features include a large x-height, short descenders, distinctive asymmetrical contrast, angled terminals, squared dots and punctuation, and, of course, those notches which enhance this typeface’s personality. Overall, Banjax Notched makes for a pleasant reading experience with enough nuances to make it an ideal choice for branding purposes – particularly when paired with regular Banjax.



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Desktop | Web | App | Ebook

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