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A Geometric Sans with an Ace up its Sleeve

This typeface is available exclusively through Monotype.

Release Date May 2024
Classification Geometric Sans
No. of Fonts 16 OTF Fonts
1 TTF Variable Font
Weights & Styles Light, Book, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, Black, Ultra
Alternates 1,347
Ligatures Standard
Small Caps Yes
No. of Glyphs 2,000+
Language Support Latin European & Cyrillic


ABOUT Stasis

Stasis is a captivating geometric sans typeface with an ace up its sleeve. This friendly type family has a charm that’s derived from the simplicity of its geometric forms combined with humanistic nuances. The real benefit of adding Stasis to your collection is that you are essentially getting “four fonts in one”.

Stasis is a branding designer’s delight. It has been created specifically to handle logotype, headlines and titling. Charismatic and impactful in its standard form, Stasis really excels when you activate its stylistic sets. With three distinctive styles to choose from, you’ll have imposing headlines, masterful logos, and striking book and movie titles developed in no time at all.

Stylistic Set 1 – Stencil. This is a fairly straightforward stencil style that has carefully-chosen cuts right through every character.

Stylistic Set 2 – Slice. This is another stencil style with the defining feature resembling a slice of pie taken from each glyph.

Stylistic Set 3 – Notch. A slight cut into the body creates the illusion of a third dimension. This well-crafted notched style gives this character set a sense of motion.

There are 16 fonts in this family, ranging from Light to Ultra in both roman and italic styles. A single variable font (available separately) covers each weight and italic angle with every increment in between to suit whatever style you prefer. Unicase-style typography is an option too—its small caps harmonise with lowercase forms. Stasis has a character set that covers Latin European and Cyrillic languages.

16 OTF Fonts | 1 Variable Font (at MyFonts)



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