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PG Gothique

An Expansive Gothic Typeface

This typeface is available exclusively through Monotype.

Release Date October 2023
Classification Gothic Sans
No. of Fonts 99 OTF Fonts
1 TTF Variable Font
Weights & Styles Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, Ultra | Compressed, Condensed, Narrow, Regular, Wide, Extended
Alternates One
Ligatures Standard
Small Caps Yes
No. of Glyphs 600+
European Language Support Latin only


ABOUT PG Gothique

During my graphic design career, Trade Gothic was one of my “go to” typefaces that never let me down. I have always wanted to draw my own version of this style, so here is my addition to a long line of traditional gothic typefaces. As you can probably tell, PG Gothique is inspired by Morris Fuller Benton’s classics: Trade Gothic, News Gothic, Franklin Gothic, Alternate Gothic, and Gothic Gothic. Well, maybe not the last one…

But Paulo, we have all those already, why would we want to add PG Gothique to our collection? This typeface has many subtle design nuances that differentiates itself from its historical influences. Also, this is possibly the most comprehensive Latin gothic font family released to date. It has 99 fonts that cover pretty much every style you could ever need, with the single variable font covering all the weights and widths in between.

PG Gothique is designed to handle a multitude of applications, from branding projects, to titles, body text, user interfaces, and film poster credits. This type family has a style that will suit the purpose.

There are 99 fonts in this family, ranging from Thin to Ultra weights across six widths in both roman and italic*. Activate Stylistic Set 1 and you will get the alternate slab serif-style capital “I” that offers improved legibility when placed adjacent to a lowercase “l”. PG Gothique has an extensive character set that covers every Latin European language.

The regular and italic weights are available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

99 OTF Fonts | 1 Variable Font (at MyFonts)

#1 Hot New Font at MyFonts from 2nd November to 5th December, 2023.
#9 Best New Fonts of 2023 at MyFonts.


PG Gothique #1

PG Gothique


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