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Evoque Text

A 14-font Humanist Serif Typeface

This typeface is part of The Monotype Library.

Release Date January 2022
Classification Humanist Serif
No. of Fonts 14 + 2 Variable Fonts
Weights & Styles
  • Roman & Italic
  • Thin, Light, Book, Regular, Medium, Bold, Heavy
Alternates 80 (plus diacritics)
Ligatures 26
Small Caps Yes
No. of Glyphs 900+
European Language Support All Latin European


ABOUT Evoque Text

Evoque Text is a humanist serif type family specifically designed for a comfortable reading experience. This has been achieved by optically adjusting the regular weights from my original Evoque family (released November 2021). You will notice a significantly reduced x-height and longer ascenders and descenders, complemented by adjustments to weight and spacing. This makes Evoque Text a perfect choice for any long passages of text.

All OpenType features have been retained from Evoque. A plethora of swash alternates and discretionary ligatures enhance Evoque Text, giving you the opportunity to embellish your typography. Simply activate Stylistic Sets to start adding these flourishes to your text.

Other useful features include Small Caps at the click of a button, and Old Style Figures are an option to the default proportional figure style.

There are 14 fonts altogether over 7 weights in roman and italic, you can also avail of two variable fonts which allow you to fine tune the weight to your exact liking. Evoque Text has an extensive character set (900+ glyphs) that covers every Latin European language.

Evoque Text


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