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A Quirky Serif Typeface in Five Weights & Two Styles

Release Date June 2020
Classification Contemporary Serif
No. of Fonts 20
Weights & Styles
  • Text & Display
  • Roman & Italic
  • Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, Black
Alternates 182 (plus diacritics)
Ligatures 8
Small Caps No
No. of Glyphs 1150
European Language Support Latin only


ABOUT Audacious

Audacious by name, audacious by nature. It is quite possibly “The Greatest Typeface of All Time”. Of course, I am being facetious, but this quirky, confident and adorable serif typeface has a strong presence that will dominate headlines and add distinction to your body copy.

Audacious’ aesthetics are defined by its large open counters, awkward stresses, plus exaggerated wedge serifs and voluptuous teardrop terminals that become more pronounced in the heavier weights. The more subtle lighter weights have a Caslon influence – delivering legible type that’s ideal for long passages of text.

Audacious really comes into its own when you start playing with the 182 decorative alternates. When used sparingly, these swashes will add flair and personality to your own creations. And, with up to four alternates for each letter, Audacious will be an incredible asset to your type arsenal.

There are 20 fonts altogether, with both text and display weights from Regular to Black in roman and italic. Audacious has an extensive character set of over 1100 glyphs that cover all Latin European languages.


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