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An 18-font Humanist Serif Typeface

This typeface is part of The Monotype Library.

Release Date September 2020
Classification Humanist Serif
No. of Fonts 18
Weights & Styles
  • Roman & Italic
  • ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, Heavy, Black, Ultra
Alternates 38 (plus diacritics)
Ligatures Standard only
Small Caps Yes
No. of Glyphs 700
European Language Support Latin only



Arise speaks clearly and with purpose, it does not need to shout to be heard. It is fairly innocuous and unassuming, you could perhaps say it is straightforward and boring at first glance… but hopefully you will see its defining features upon closer inspection and appreciate its humanistic qualities, its irregularities, and its distinctive elements. Arise is a multi-purpose type family – being equally at home in text and display scenarios, it retains a pen-drawn style that comes to the fore in its hooked terminals and decorative swash alternates.

As can be seen in the /a/c/f/g/r/y/ glyphs, hooked terminals are a key feature of this typeface. These terminals are blade-like in appearance, defining a distinctive character that is unusual, yet balanced and refined. 

Practical features include 38 capital swash alternates for intial and final forms that can be particularly effective when used in titling and branding situations. Small caps are also included (along with matching diacritics) – these are designed to harmonise with regular lowercase forms so that you may easily achieve unicase-style typography.

There are 18 fonts altogether, with 9 weights from ExtraLight to Ultra in both roman and italic. Arise has an extensive character set that covers all Latin European languages.



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