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End of Year Review – 2016

31st December, 2016

This year has been very intense in a good way. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable with lots of encouragement and surprises as I embrace the opportunity to become a full-time type designer....

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Buy My Design Products at Creative Market

iPad Mockup by Paulo Goode
31st December, 2014

Having my own shop to sell some quality design products has been a thought that's been rattling around my head for a number of years but I hadn't ever found the time to do something about...

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End of Year Review – 2012

29th December, 2012

A diverse year, one that introduced me to Responsive Website Design, getting my work featured in design blogs and picking up a few clients around the world....

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Converting a Fixed-Width Site to a Responsive Site

8th July, 2012

Published 12th July, 2012.

How could I claim to be a website designer who develops responsive sites when my own website was still agonisingly anchored to a fixed-width, pixel-precise layout? Here's how I tackled it......

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A Rant

11th November, 2011

It seems that over the last few years the quality of people's spelling and grammar is getting worse rather than improving. ...

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The Joy of Freelancing: Loving Your Work

13th October, 2010

Achieving personal satisfaction with your own work is the goal here, but how do you go about getting that and then maintain it? Okay, for starters, three qualities you absolutely need to succeed as a freelancer...

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Inside a Designer’s Mind

10th April, 2010

Ever wondered what qualities differentiate a good designer from a great designer? What assets to their personality will they have and what makes for a truly creative mind?...

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Free Social Media Vector Icons

9th November, 2009

The free vector (.ai format) icons here are for RSS, Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, You Tube, Last FM, Linked In and Podcasts....

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Why you should choose a freelance graphic designer

Freelance Graphic Designer
22nd September, 2009

In the current financial climate it makes complete economic sense to employ the services of a freelance designer....

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Problems with Adobe Bridge CS3

15th July, 2009

I just wanted to share with you my recent experiences with Adobe CS3 and the Bridge application in particular. For some time I'd been getting performance problems on my Intel iMac that were only partly resolved...

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