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Custom Type Design

Are you looking for a custom typeface to establish or reinvigorate your brand? Maybe you are looking for custom-designed fonts for an event or product launch? If so, you’re in the right place, I’d be happy to talk to you about tailoring a brief and price to suit your requirements.

In order to price a typeface design, I would need to establish a brief with you. There are many factors to consider, perhaps you might complete the form on this page – this will help to create that brief.

Note that my production process will be as follows:

  • Finalise the brief and provide a glyph map – this details all the glyphs to be drawn, provided and adhered to.
  • Begin initial sketches.
  • Get your approval to proceed based on these pencil sketches.
  • Begin working on screen and drawing initial characters.
  • Get your approval for initial keywords and branding messages, e.g. “Your Company Name”, “Your Company Tagline”.
  • Proceed to typeface completion.
  • Testing of typeface for spacing and kerning.
  • Hinting typeface for screen optimisation.
  • Production and presentation of test documents for your approval. These will be an array of single lines and paragraphs at varying sizes to prove the typeface works as intended.
  • Client feedback and revisions.
  • Client approval and handover of final files.

Note also that a payment plan will need to be agreed upon with an initial deposit paid before any work is undertaken. I do not take on any speculative work.

Note that there is a minimum fee for each font weight produced and delivered. The price will increase dependent on the design brief.

Note that typeface design is a lengthy process, for example, a 4-weight typeface in both roman and italic to Adobe Latin 1 specifications will take at least 3 months to complete. If we are working to a deadline, this needs to be fully considered before project commencement.

If the above is agreeable to you, we can talk further.