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West Cork Rapid Response

Increasing awareness for an invaluable service to the local community.

I was commissioned to produce a new website for West Cork Rapid Response after the committee realised that their previous site was not generating enough interest or interaction. To be fair, the website had been set up free of charge by a charitable friend of the group and it had served WCRR well as a place to get information about their services. However, it was decided that greater awareness of the service was needed that would lead to encouraging more donations and fund-raising events for the cause.

I set about designing a solution and suggested that the way forward would be to make greater use of social links that integrated with the site. There was also a lot of content on the current WordPress-powered site that was pretty much hidden away. Almost 150 posts over a 3 year period needed to be brought to the forefront of the site. WCRR also had amassed over 1000 friends on Facebook which is a huge resource of people to connect with for a predominantly rural area such as West Cork. So, I instigated converting the Facebook account to a community page and tie in the new site to automatically post updates to both Facebook and Twitter.

The new site quickly took shape with such a clear plan of action. I offered 2 very different designs to the committee in terms of style and colour. The chosen option mirrored the clean look of their rapid response vehicle and development of the site was almost as rapid by yours truly once the green light was given :)

I chose to go with a responsive layout for the site (rather appropriately!). This design and coding technique would ensure that the site was future-proof. The site seamlessly adapts itself to whatever browser is viewing the site, be they on iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet and of course, laptop or desktop PCs.

The feedback has been superb so far and I am very happy with the results both visually and technically, but particularly from the coding side as responsive design is a relatively new approach and a little tricky at times to get the right results. Also, rather pleasingly, the Facebook page now has over 1400 fans and is rising daily. So already, the initial objectives from the brief are being achieved!

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