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Online Store for Nurture & Bliss

No budget? No problem… use a pre-made website template. Grrrrrrrrr…

Nurture and Bliss have had an online shop for a number of years now, but this summer I was approached to see if I was interested in doing a complete redesign. As it was for a local business, here in the wilds of West Cork, I was only too glad to help – with the aim of making this business even more of a success.

Nurture and Bliss specialise in selling innovative products for parents to help make parenting of our very young ones that little bit easier. Often, these products are not available in Europe, so Nurture and Bliss bring in these high quality goods from respected brands and manufacturers in North America.

Okay, so we know the current site is clunky and unmanageable without help, so what do we do to improve that?

After discussions we decided to go down the route of what I had done previously for Origin Wines. That was to take a premium WordPress theme, integrate it with WooCommerce and voila! You have a fab new online store.

If only it were that easy!

Numerous modifications were required, plus, I sometimes always question the cost-effectiveness of using premium themes when they are so complicated and bloated that you spend forever tweaking them… anyway, eventually the site goes live, hoorah! With around 100 products and even a few blog posts, double hoorah!

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