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Website Development for Lee River Online Store

This project has been my second in collaboration with fellow designer, John Raftery.

Before work began, John and I had discussed the options available to us to create a premium online store website whilst working within a modest development budget. Using ‘Shopify’ had been a possibility, but as my speciality is working within a WordPress environment, I proposed using either Jigoshop or WooCommerce plugins combined with WordPress. We settled for WooCommerce as it appeared to be the most flexible option whilst having the most comprehensive documentation, add-ons and support.

It would have been easy to create a website based on a standard e-commerce template and brand it with Lee River’s identity and colour scheme, but neither of us wanted that. So when John presented his designs for me to work from, I had the challenge of making WooCommerce fit to the template rather than vice versa. Oh, and the design had to be responsive too…

After much hacking, much seeking of ways to get every element to work precisely as intended, and moments where mention of the word “shipping” induced feelings of nausea – followed, I might add, by many ‘punch the air’ moments of success… the shop is finally fully tested and launched. Hoorah! Please go see… and if you decide to buy something… all the better. I hope your shopping experience is a pleasant one!

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