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Website Design – Images of Ireland

My brief for this project was to bring to life an idea that Chris O’Dell had had for a number of years…

Namely, to sell prints of his photography to a global market. In fact, Chris had told me about this plan when we first met in 2006 :) So, with such a long term plan never seemingly coming to fruition under his own steam, he decided to commission me to put the site together for him.

Chris had a very clear idea as to what he wanted and, more so what he didn’t want. Decisions on a flat background colour and typefaces to use were made at the initial briefing, we decided that simplicity was going to be key to all aspects of the new site. This made the design process much easier for me and reduced the timescale for development rapidly – much to Chris’ liking.
So, once the design for the site was signed off, I set about creating a working model in HTML and CSS. It was a joy to work on, with my final code being super lean. I integrated a time and bandwidth-saving navigation sprite, and, when it came to loading the numerous large images in the gallery sections, I set up a ‘lazy load’ system so that images only load into view as the browser scrolls down the page; hence saving more time and bandwidth.

The theme of simplicity continued as I set up a basic, yet functional shopping cart. It’s easy to use and it works. There’s nothing more than that required.

The result: one very happy designer and one very happy client. Oh, and a website that will hopefully generate income for Chris both now and long into the future.

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