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The Clonakilty Hotel Branding

The challenge here was to create a brand and website instinctively and quickly without losing design integrity or quality.


thumb-The-Clonakilty-Hotel-IdentityIt is hard to believe that this whole project was completed in 7 days flat.

I even had to check my calendar dates to confirm it, as obviously it seemed longer than that with the amount of work completed. The reason for the pressure was that the hotel was re-opening under new management on 3rd June. I had been asked 2 weeks prior to launch could I do the job, which I agreed to under the condition that the client accept that my normal design procedures for such a project would have to be curtailed.

Consequently, an identity had to be designed quickly and approved almost immediately in order to hit the targets for website launch, signage, menu and stationery production. So I got the nod to get started a week later and the design process began…

The first task was to design the identity. It was important to create 2 variants of the identity as the application of the brand would need to suit a variety of formats. Also, with a consistent colour scheme and style we can quickly develop a brand that can successfully work effectively in all formats. The ‘full’ logo (as seen above) can be seen on exterior signage, stationery and on the hotel’s Facebook and Twitter pages. When there are size restrictions, the alternative option can be used, as seen in the header of the hotel’s website.

Website Design

Again, because of time restrictions, short cuts had to be taken in order to get the hotel’s website up and running in time for launch. I decided to purchase a premium WordPress theme and modify it (quite extensively in the end…) to suit the requirements. A booking engine also had to be integrated, this was a fairly seamless operation thanks to the expertise of the Net Affinity team.


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