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Skibbereen Tool Hire Website

I had been producing their tool catalogue for the previous 4 years.

Each time it was said “wouldn’t it be great to have it all online too”. So, at the beginning of 2008 that wish finally came to fruition and the comprehensive catalogue is up and running.

Update July 2011

At the client’s request I have since developed a Custom WordPress Theme which now allows STH to update the site themselves. It gives them the opportunity to showcase new products and keep all their clients updated with their latest news, announcements and offers. It begins the shift from the old-style catalogue to a new style of featuring products that gives more information and added value for the customers. For instance, the new style posts allow for adding video and more detailed explanations of what the products do and how best to use them. The site is now fully searchable and all product category pages are now comprised of individual posts, each one indicates whether there is an instructional video to watch of that item or not. Customers can also interact with STH by leaving questions or comments on individual product pages.

This can only be good for both the company and the customers. Happy faces all round :)

Update June 2012

The website has now been converted to a responsive design – this means that the site is tailored for any device that is viewing the site, from smartphones to tablets to laptops and desktop PCs.

Update April 2013

The site has undergone some cosmetic changes in order to incorporate the company’s expansion to Bantry. So, we now have STH.ie and BTH.ie – both effectively the same website…

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