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Sassy Dresses Online Shop

Sassy is an established ladies clothing and accessories shop on North Street, Skibbereen.

Sassy had taken avail of the recent government scheme to get Irish businesses online for free and asked me to create an online store for them with their “free” domain and hosting package.

Sassy had already chosen a shop theme that they liked, so it was my job to purchase the template and then enhance it to suit their needs. This involved numerous coding modifications and major development work on the css and the website’s graphics too. I also set up the hosting and backend functionality, which was a little more difficult than usual as the government’s free package wasn’t exactly cutting edge!

Once I had set up the first few items and after giving a brief tutorial, I handed ownership and responsibility to update the site to Sassy themselves. The site was launched shortly after and there were even a couple of sales made in the first week of being online.

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