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Website Design for Cottages for Couples

Cottages for Couples are pretty unique for Ireland…

They must be very good actually as I’m not easily impressed! But you can’t help but be bowled over by the lengths that Peter and Anna have gone to to create the perfect romantic cottages for that extra special short break or holiday. They market themselves under the banner of “Distinctive Luxury Cottages for Romantic Breaks in West Cork” and that is exactly what they provide, elegantly and effortlessly.

Unfortunately, their previous website wasn’t really doing the properties or service any justice. So I was called in to create something that was more befitting of their pursuit for excellence.

Working with Peter and Anna has been great, they are from a creative background, so developing a concept and working towards set goals has been delightful. I personally wanted to emphasise the quality of their cottages, which previously were not being showcased particularly well. Which was a shame because Phil Pound’s photography had captured each cottage superbly. So now, within my design, the images are to the fore and you are left in no doubt that Cottages for Couples are a first class operation.

Next up will be to apply the new style to their Facebook presence and to create a stronger email marketing campaign. It’s great to be involved with such a successful local brand and having the confidence that this will go from strength to strength in spite of this recession we find ourselves in. Proving, to me anyway, that a quality product and service will always prevail… with a little hard work, imagination and creativity!

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