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Website Design for Nurture Childcare

Nurture have been a loyal client of mine since their inception.

I had created their first website back in 2004 with the intention that it would ‘make do’ while the business was starting up. I never expected that the site would last 8 years… but, at long last, I was given the opportunity to redesign it this year.

There seems to be a tendency for nurseries and crèches to have playful, overly-colourful branding and website designs that appeal to… children. Nurture’s design, branding and marketing approach has always been to appeal to the parents and promote themselves in a more corporate, professional, refined and distinctive manner.

With this in mind, I wrote a brief for a new website and submitted the proposal to the company directors. A website with clarity of message and ease of use whilst developing the brand were integral to the future success of their business. With valid reasons given to justify their investment in it, I was commissioned to begin work at the end of 2011, with an emphasis on ‘getting it right’ rather than ‘getting it online now’.

After submitting two initial homepage designs for review, it was decided that a combination of the most favoured elements from each would form the final design. Once the updated design was approved, development work began. In time, the full website took shape as seen opposite.

Now that the website has been launched, reaction all round has been very positive indeed. This has been very pleasing for me personally as I see this as a watershed moment – with my intention being to maintain this high standard of both design and development for all future projects.

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