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MJ McGrath Logo & Website Design

My custom WordPress theme design, built from scratch, perfectly fulfills the client’s requirements.


Creating sparks for an electrical company looking for a new logo and website design.

This new website for MJ McGrath Electrical replaces the previous site (designed elsewhere) that had been left in an unfinished state for over 2 years. So, a priority for the new website was to not only have all the pages complete and all links working, but also to have it easily updatable by the client with news and case studies.

I delivered a website that does exactly that, thanks to my custom WordPress theme design, built from scratch to perfectly fulfill the client’s requirements. The overall layout is purely functional and is built in such a way that any new information posted fits seamlessly into the design. Ease of use for the client is paramount.

Next on the agenda is a new identity design… coming soon!


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