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Logo & Website Design for Skibbereen

Having won the chance to create a brand new site for my home town, I embraced the opportunity to make the very best of it I could within the time and budget constraints. The brief was fairly open; essentially take the existing content and bring the style up-to-date, whilst embracing social media and enabling multiple contributors to log in and update the site.

As there wasn’t time to develop a full website from scratch (as I had originally quoted for), the decision was made to use a premium WordPress theme as the basis for the site. I then stripped it back to the bare bones and modified every element and added several new features so that it would best serve Skibbereen Business Association’s requirements.

The site is now live and the SBA Committee members are jointly contributing to the site’s upkeep, posting news and events; making the site a news portal for the town and its visitors. The site also serves two other purposes; one, to act as a guide for visitors to the area with relevant tourist information and history, and two, as a platform to promote businesses in Skibbereen, with SBA members having the opportunity to promote themselves more favourably compared to non-members.

As part of the project I was asked to design a new logo identity for Skibbereen. As I had also taken photographs of pretty much every business within the town for the site’s business directory, I found that I was strongly inflenced by the numerous styles of shop frontages and particularly the signage. The typography I used in the chosen identity reflected the style of some of the more traditional signs in the town. A tagline of “The Soul of the South-West” was collaboratively decided upon… and our new identity was born.

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