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Fastnet Short Film Festival Website

I’ve been involved with the Fastnet Short Film Festival for a couple of years now.

Brought in initially to help Jonathan Parson with the festival programme layout, after the 2012 festival’s final curtain, I was asked to come on board to take over the website design, development and management.

The website had been in place since 2009 and for the 2013 Festival I just gave the site a quick makeover, before I was given the green light at the end of the year to do a full redesign.With five years’ of content already in place, my brief was to breathe new life into that content, reorganise the structure of how that content is managed and delivered and to collate and exhibit the wealth of archive material that has amounted over the years.

Naturally, the site had to have a much-improved user experience, content needed to be accessible quickly and intuitively, visually it had to be both contemporary and engaging, whilst being accessible on all platforms.

Adding a newsletter system was imperative to allow subscribers to receive the latest news before it hit Facebook or the website. After initially setting up an internal email system and designing newsletter templates for that purpose, it was decided we should move over to MailChimp – a service specifically designed for this purpose. I created custom, branded newsletter templates for the MailChimp system and the campaigns have been very successful with high percentage open and click rates.

There’s also an intranet version of the site. This is only accessible during the festival where you can view previous years’ winning films, plus archives of local interest films and, of course, all the current year’s festival film entries. But you’ll have to come to Schull in May to see that… tempted?

AOIFE AWARDS 2014 WINNER of BEST WEBSITEHooray! The Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival won BEST WEBSITE at the Carlton Best of Marketing Awards announced at the AOIFE (Association of Irish Festival Events) Conference in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway during November 2014.

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