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Cycle West Cork Branding & Website

This start-up required a strong, recognisable brand, a range of printed materials, plus a website that could take bookings and payment.

Working with a brand new client and nurturing a concept from the very start is one of the most satisfying projects a designer can have. So, it was with great enthusiasm that I took up this challenge after being recommended and introduced to the client in the spring of 2013.

Work eventually began on the project at the end of June, 2013. This start-up business would provide guided cycling tour holidays as well as more traditional bike hire, so the first task was to conjure a company name. After going through a list of my suggestions with various taglines, Cycle West Cork – Cycling Holidays, Tours & Rentals was deemed to be the best solution. With that checkbox ticked, it was time to begin creating the brand.

I offered three initial logo designs, each of which had different styles, but all could have suitably answered the brief. It was the most distinctive, and in hindsight, the most challenging, of the logo designs that the client decided to proceed with. I had developed a crest motif that attempted to encapsulate the action of cycling, combined with a West Cork landmark and the name ‘Cycle West Cork’. The initial colour scheme had been influenced by a classic racing Ford GT40 – subtle blues with strong orange. This scheme was tweaked over time to what you now see on this page, the beauty of the shield/crest design is that it can comfortably be positioned on number of backgrounds and retain its solidity and strength.

Turning then to stationery and signage, I developed the style further to include retro style elements to house and enhance the content. The overall look is strong and distinctive, definitely memorable and initial responses have been very favourable to the Cycle West Cork “look”.

The challenge for the website was to draw potential visitors in and allow them to book and pay online immediately. I managed to achieve this and the system works rather well and feedback has been very positive. The business is now geared up (groan!) to take bookings for the 2014 season.

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