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Costelloe’s MaltHouse Website Design

As part of my ongoing branding work for Costelloe’s MaltHouse, I was invited to provide concepts for their website.

I produced three concepts in total. The challenge, having already laid the foundations for style with the corporate identity, was to create an absorbing web experience which gave equal balance to all elements for visitor consideration. I believe the chosen concept (above) achieves that goal, I managed to avoid visual noise and each section is clear and considered, making the user experience all the more engaging.

The site is now live, you can make a reservation online, view a superb image gallery, download all menus (which I also designed), connect with Costelloe’s via Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor and FourSquare, as well as read their history and latest news, get accurate directions and well, I think it’s safe to say, it’s all covered…

The site benefits from the excellent photography of Stefan Syrowatka who successfully captured the essence of Costelloe’s MaltHouse. All coding and backend wizardry was implemented by Granite Consulting.

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