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Cellcode Website

After Jacob (my son) and I had designed Cellcode’s logo a couple of months back, we were delighted to be able to take on the challenge of developing the brand further and designing a website for the company.

Actually, Jacob took more of a back seat for this one, although he was involved on the overall artistic direction :) The brief was to deliver a website that would best highlight the company’s products and skills, but also to accommodate two blogs, one for news and announcements, the other for more technical/tutorial posts and personal opinions that could allow interaction with visitors to the site.

I provided a WordPress-powered solution, designing a custom theme from scratch. Technically it is the most advanced site I have put together to date, it is also the first website where I have been able to have much greater control over typography via the excellent Typekit. I have to say I’m proud of my own work here as I believe I’ve achieved an excellent blend of visuals, typography and technical ingenuity to create what is hopefully a website that is as much a pleasure to use for both the client and visitors alike.

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