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Cellcode – Branding & Website Design

After 18 months in business, my brother decided to rebrand his mobile app development business.

As well as creating an improved brand identity, I had the task of creating a fully responsive website design that would best showcase Cellcode’s skills and portfolio. Although the previous logo and website design for Cellcode was bright, vibrant and modern, after some discussion we decided to take a simpler, cleaner approach for the new identity and website.

Several options were created around a similar theme, this was to be a typographic, icon-less logo. The only link from the previous incarnation would be the theme of interlocking hexagonal ‘cells’, one of which would become the ‘o’ within Cellcode. With the most favoured design chosen and the new colour scheme in place, it was time to develop the brand and tackle the website design.

The brief was to create a site that had an immediate positive impact upon the visitor, it was to be highly professional, the key messages and call-to-action points to be clear, there was to be no doubt that you had arrived at an app developer’s site, and, above all, the site had to be responsive – adapting to whatever device was viewing the site, seamlessly.

The process developed quickly, it was clear that the layout could adhere to a fluid grid system. Each of the blocks within it would become buttons that defined the navigation for the site. They would then be colour-coded to complement the brand, as well as clarifying the navigation which would shift from large blocks with titles and definitions on the homepage to just titles within rectangles on internal pages, neatly housed within a sidebar.

With the layout nailed, it was then a matter of converting the design to HTML5/CSS3 utilising my own purpose-built 16-column responsive grid, before converting this to a WordPress theme that could inherit all the content form the previous website. I wanted a unique slider and decided to avoid the plethora of free and premium plugins, so I developed an excellent slideshow based on a tutorial from those wonderful people over at Codrops.

The final part of the jigsaw was coming up with a snappy tagline for Cellcode. A few ideas were exchanged before settling upon “gets your business mobile”. This was set, along with all of Cellcode’s new stationery and website, in Roy Preston’s ‘Prenton’ font. Luckily, this Gill Sans-esque font is also available as an option to use within Typekit. Perfect! Thorough testing was completed on a variety of mobile devices – and a few necessary tweaks made to javascripts and my CSS – before launching to the world in August 2012.

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