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Branding & Website for The Castle

New management brought new ideas to this unique castle accommodation.

The Castle has been synonymous with the Townshend family for centuries, in fact, both give their name to the village where they reside. Fast forward to 2015 and the running of The Castle has been passed on to family members Sharon and Justin. They had big plans to modernise, redecorate and re-furnish the whole of the accommodation and public areas, they were also going to introduce a self-contained café.

I was commissioned to brand this bold and ambitious step forward after a meeting in the atmospheric dining room with Sharon. Initial sketches for the project showed that a simple pictogram based on a drawing of the castle’s East Tower was a clear favourite. Development of this idea ensued and a colour palette was established along with supporting typography. I’m proud to say that the main typeface used is my own Woodford Bourne PRO.

The identity was signed-off quickly and stationery and advertising templates followed. Then it was time to turn to the website design… As with the majority of my website design work, I created a custom WordPress theme for The Castle. Integral to the overall design the commissioned photography that captures the aura of the refurbished castle accommodation, the new café and the peace and tranquility that you can experience should you decide to stay. Full screen images dominate each ‘page’ and the text/typography has been deliberately kept to a minimum.

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