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Branding & Website for Carbery Capital

The process of taking an idea from a doodled sketch to a completed corporate identity.

The inspiration for the logo identity came unexpectedly (as it often does!) whilst completing an illustration for another project. I began toying with ellipses and shading to create an abstract ‘C’ shape that evolved into a pair of interlocking ‘C’s that, to me, represented the perpetual motion of business and the wheels of finance in particular. I developed other concepts, but this one was by far the strongest and most iconic.

With client approval to proceed, I set about developing the brand further with an application to stationery and website design. Both the stationery and website utilise very subtle textures and lighting effects to create a minimal, yet detailed, style.

The website design has been a departure from the norm for me. The brief was to create something simple and regular client updates wouldn’t be necessary. It was a chance to take a slightly different approach, so I settled on a single-page design where the navigation scrolls you to ‘pages’ within the main page. It’s quite a funky solution for a small site and I’m very pleased with the results, as is the client.

Overall, this has been an excellent project to work on, whilst the client has been very supportive and receptive to any ideas suggested.

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