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Branding & Website Design for Slim Retreat

If I wasn’t conscious about my weight before this project…

Slim Retreat is a new venture for an entrepreneur new to West Cork. I was approached quite early in the development plans for this start-up and after initial informal discussions, a design strategy was developed that we adhered to right up to the launch of the business last month.


I developed 3 initial logo identities and colour schemes for Slim Retreat and the most playful design was chosen to develop. While the identity was vibrant and energetic in appearance, the client and I discussed balancing that out with a more formal approach for the rest of the communications, so that the retreat wasn’t deemed to be too frivolous. I chose my own font, Woodford Bourne, to use for all other text in developing the brand – it works really well, as you can see from the final results.

Slim-Retreat-Full-HomepageThe website design and build (click thumbnail, or visit the site) had to evoke a sense of calmness, authority, professionalism and, of course, be clear, easy-to-use and enticing. This was achieved by using a lot of white space, probably the most I have used in any website design to date. The result is a serene experience that works well across all platforms. Thankfully, the booking and payment processes are provided by third parties, so I didn’t have to worry about anything too technical and stayed focused on the user experience.

Take a look, you might even decide to treat yourself…

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