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Branding & Website for PJ O’Reilly’s

It’s with some relief that I can now publicise this project after several months in the making.

The ‘getting it right’ process has inevitably taken longer than I had expected, but, as I type this, I can sit back and admire the results and know that the original brief’s design expectations have been achieved.

This Irish pub has recently been refurbished and, whilst being renowned for their Irish roots, the pub’s owner and management team requested a rebranding to befit the change in direction (less traditional Irish) and investment in the new decor (more contemporary). However, elements that were to remain intact were the pub’s heraldic lion and the tagline “The Tradition Continues”.

Key to the success of the new branding was the reinterpretation of the lion and retaining the essence of tradition. This gave me an opportunity to try a number of solutions. Eventually, after several incarnations a design was settled upon. You can get an overview of some of the avenues I explored for PJ’s over at my Dribbble profile.

Once the branding was approved, it was time to tackle the website design. Ideally, the site would launch with photography of the extensive refurbishment to the fore, but… that hasn’t been possible, but these images will be online soon.

From a technical point of view, I kept the format as simple as possible to counterbalance the heavy imagery. It’s essentially a brochure site, but of course, as it’s powered by WordPress, the management and staff can contribute to the site with blog/news posts as well as interacting with clientele via Facebook, Twitter and, a first for me to integrate, Instagram. Anyone using the hashtag #pjscanberra on their Instagram images will have their photo automatically flow into the feed on the PJ’s homepage. Pretty cool hey?

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