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Branding for DIONERGY

DIONERGY is a start-up company based in Co. Limerick, Ireland.

Their unique products are designed to improve our water quality using very clever science used in some unpleasant environments. Their technology reduces “solid matter” in water treatment plants with microbubbles. Every waste water treatment plant should have one, because this is better for us all, right? This is an ingenious idea that deserves to succeed.The concept behind the name came from the Greek Goddess, Dione. She had the power to heal. Naturally, my initial branding design concepts revolved around microbubbles, water, energy flow and so on, but it was the Greek-themed option that caught the client’s eye, and this was deemed to be the best way forward.

Over time, the initial idea was watered down (pun not intended) so that what was left were just the Greek-styled linework and the strong, clear and simple typeface. Both stationery and website design adopted this streamlined approach.

The overall designs were ultra-minimal and with a neutral, grey colour palette that allowed any colour imagery placed with the brand to be truly vibrant.

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DESIGN ADDENDUM: It seems that some time during 2015 the website was “undesigned” and it no longer has any consideration for style, typography, colour, proportion or user experience.

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