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Branding for BeeActiv

I absolutely loved this project. Can you tell?

Conan McDonnell was recommended to me during the summer as he was hoping to get a logo created for his start-up honey products business. The criteria was that he wanted someone who had specific experience in food packaging and branding. Now, I had to hold my hand up straight away and say that although I had been involved collectively in design studios over the years creating food packaging, I couldn’t point to the shop shelves and say, “yes, I made that.”

Until now…
Naturally, I put forward a good case for taking on this project and Conan accepted, the deposit was paid and work began. After sketching and thinking and sketching and thinking for a couple of days, there were 2 or 3 strong ideas that I wanted to develop. It was a pretty open brief, so I was able to conjure what I thought best suited the company and its first product – jars of “healing” ivy honey.

As part of my presentation, I showed how my 3 branding ideas could be applied to jars of honey and some basic stationery requirements. Feedback from Conan was very positive and although all 3 had their merits, one was chosen to develop further.

I then set about creating artwork for the label, which took a while to perfect after changes in jar size and printing specs. But, the final result was worth it and the label looks pretty good for this initial digital print run.

As I type this I haven’t sampled the product yet, but I am sure it’s as good as it looks!

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