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Irish Subaru Drivers Club

Website design and club merchandise for Subaru enthusiasts across Ireland.


The Irish Subaru Drivers Club is one of the largest car enthusiasts clubs in Ireland.

From humble beginnings in 1999, the club now has over 300 paying members and an online community of over 1000 members. My involvement with the club began in 2003 when I became a member and I somehow got elected to the club’s committee as Webmaster in 2006. So I began to take on the website and liven it up as well as producing all the other related artwork for the club like membership stickers, members yearbooks, club clothing designs and anything else that needs some creative work.

As it has been an unpaid project, I’ve used it to further my knowledge in web design, particularly where it comes to running a forum (which I co-moderate).

In February 2010 I handed the site over to a new webmaster who will take the project in a new direction, hopefully!


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