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Branding for Weddings at The Maritime Hotel

Because first impressions count – especially so when choosing your wedding venue.

I was invited to produce a new brand for The Maritime Hotel in Bantry to specifically promote their weddings. They had been promoting their weddings under the hotel’s own corporate brand for some time and with some success, however, with a new marketing drive planned for 2012, a bespoke design solution was sought.

The brief was pretty open (the best kind!) with the only constraints being that the final brand should appeal to ‘the pink pound’ and that the final brochure would utilise an existing folder format with A4 inserts.

My initial design work conjured 3 differing design concepts for the client to choose from, shown below:

  • The first explored using the current hotel brand with a little manipulation by turning the ‘M’ to a ‘W’, this was then combined with rich, opulent colours to create a classic, prestigious look. It also made use of Andrew Bradley’s superb hotel photography (see: Great Hotel Photography).
  • The second design took a fresher approach and I sought a more radical style of wedding photography that I believed would best suit the target market. I also purchased Laura Worthington’s excellent Alana Pro font specifically for use on this project. Alana is an evocative, calligraphic font that I felt was perfect to hang a Wedding-specific brand from.
  • The third option aimed at combining a modern, rich style with a more traditional Celtic Love Knot design that I had drawn for this purpose. Of the three designs, I felt this was the design which best targetted the pink pound.

After presentation of my concepts, the hotel management team opted for the second of the designs, and so… on with the development of the final branding and printed materials!

The brand was launched at a Wedding Fair in Cork City during September. I had produced backdrops, a pull-up banner and a DL sized brochure offering a unique discount for the duration of the event.

The wedding package was the next item on the agenda, this has just been completed and printed by Killarney Printing. The brochure and inserts use the commissioned photography of Pawel Novak which, combined with Andrew Bradley’s hotel photography creates just the right tone for potential brides and grooms to convince their families that The Maritime Hotel is just the place for them to get married.

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