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Ghostlight Media Identity

How the initial concept became the final logo identity for this start-up media and marketing company.


This was a really fun project to work on…

In a world that appears to be rapidly becoming full of slick, minimal, vector logo designs, it was great to successfully pitch a concept for an identity that in itself was the very essence of the original idea.

Ghostlight Media are a start-up marketing company based here in West Cork, they offer innovative marketing solutions with emphasis and expertise in social media. I created several concepts for this design project, some revolved around the story of ghost lights protecting/illuminating theatre stages, others had clean typography and stylised ghosts. However, there was one concept which eclipsed the others.

Ghostlight MediaThe concept: Capturing the rawness of an original idea on a scrap of paper.

Often when ideas come to fruition, we attempt to visualise them immediately. Sketching an idea out on paper is the first step toward turning that initial idea into a physical reality. This is what I have attempted to capture with this identity solution. The deliberately sketchy style and torn paper emphasise both the creativity and spontaneity, defining the “Eureka!” moment.

The identity perfectly reflects Ghostlight’s own innovation and purpose for creating and developing ideas to their full potential. It also embodies an expressive originality which is integral to the company’s innovative solutions; they offer something different and that’s exactly the impression you should get when viewing their brand.

Unfortunately, as of March 2012 Ghostlight Media ceased trading.


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