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Brand Identity for DataPurity

DataPurity is both the name of this software company and also of its flagship product. I was asked to create this new identity for a marketing campaign to heighten awareness of this already successful product.

It was great to have a completely open brief for this project, initial sketches conjured up a myriad of strong potential identities. It was clear though early on that my sketch for sectors of a hard disc being coloured to form the shape of a ‘d’ and ‘p’ around the spindle was going to be hard to beat. The client embraced the idea immediately and a design solution to cover everyone’s personal preferences was soon achieved. The result is a striking iconic design with clean, crisp and professional typography, with the disc icon itself lending itself perfectly for a future iPhone app.

Fingers crossed, there will be a new website in the pipeline too… watch this space (as they say)!

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