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Branding for Costelloe’s MaltHouse

The Malt House Granary in Clonakilty has been established for some time in this West Cork hotspot.

With the restaurant now under new management, the goal is to not only improve on their reputation for locally-produced fine food, but also to rebrand and aim to capture the Facebook generation and family market.

As a design exercise, this project has been great fun and also a personal first in creating a new restaurant identity. The initial brief was to create a contemporary, New York-style café bistro look. However, with all things considered, it was felt that the environment of the restaurant was better suited to a more traditional Irish feel… “with a twist”! So… fresh sketches were made and as soon as I’d finished drawing the last choice, I knew it would be “the chosen one”. It was one of those rare and very satisfying moments as a designer where you just know you’ve hit the target with your work.

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