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Cork Eco Fuels

Corporate Identity and Product Literature for Cork Eco Fuels – a start-up company whose products include the EcoBriq.


Cork Eco Fuels are a start-up company who are initially going to be promoting and selling their “EcoBriq” product.

The EcoBriq is an environmentally friendly smokeless briquette for use in both open fires and closed appliances. They are made from woodchips and sawdust – the waste material from processing other timber products. The EcoBriq will be available over the coming weeks.

As a design project, this has been a prime example of working within a recessionary budget. The challenge being to provide quality and value for the identity, stationery, packaging and website requirements. It goes to prove that by using a freelance web designer or graphic designer that a company can achieve a premium look for a less than premium price.

The inspiration for my identity design came from developing a colour palette that reflected the elements of earth, environment, recycling and warmth. As the company’s ethos revolves around conservation and heat, I created a pictogram that represents that with the green leaf and warm flames combined. It was then a process of combining the palette, symbol and typography to create an identity that was solid, professional, memorable and having longevity – all of which were integral to the client’s brief.

So, here’s the identity, signed, sealed and delivered, with the packaging and website to follow in the coming weeks.


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