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Identity Design for ClearSphere

A complete rebranding exercise for this Cork-based cleanroom and contamination specialist.


This was an intensive and rewarding freelance design project that allowed me to utilise my full range of skills and, of course, my creative capabilities.

The initial part of this rebranding exercise was produced in conjunction with Aspire Marketing. The brief being to create a new name and corporate identity for APCS and CBS Ltd – two sister companies that wanted to bring their laboratory cleanroom and contamination specialist services together under one banner. A collaborative brainstorm between myself and Aspire eventually conjured the name ‘ClearSphere’ and subsequently the strapline ‘Integrated Solutions for Controlled Environments’ to define the nature of their business.

Once the name had been approved by the client, the rebranding designs could start to take shape. The company wanted an identity which set them apart from their competitors, one that echoed their solidity and experience of 20 years in business and also had an eye on the future. With a name as evocative as ClearSphere, the identity evolved quite naturally as initial ideas took shape in the form of clear spheres, pearls and eventually a steel ball. The ball bearing idea was chosen as it best represented the strength of the company and also its engineering background.

With the identity agreed upon, a suite of stationery was the next design task. A number of ideas were presented before the client settled on the option that brought in a subtle globe that represented the company’s global target market.

Next on the agenda would be applying the new corporate identity to vehicle livery and also to the company premises.

A visually impressive and informative website was imperative for the future success of ClearSphere and great lengths were taken to ensure the whole website was exactly right before the company’s relaunch on 1st February 2009.


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