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Your History in a Book

The first book in Turtle Bunbury’s series “Your History in a Book”, a thoroughly researched and detailed guide to your family history.


A delight to work on, each book is finely focused and lovingly crafted.

I was delighted to be commissioned by award-winning writer and historian, Turtle Bunbury, for his new “Your History in a Book” series. This series is, in his own words:

“An innovative concept in family history and will make a fascinating and uplifting present for anyone interested in the past. Have you ever wondered what life was really like for your ancestors? How did your grandparents live? What was going on in their world? Imagine reaching for a book written exclusively about your family. A book filled with stories of your bloodline’s voyage through history, complete with family photographs and iconic images of world history.”

From a design perspective, it is also a pleasure to work on such finely focused and lovingly crafted works. Knowing that each book published in this series has the most limited of runs makes this a truly unique project and refreshingly different.


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