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Why you should choose a freelance graphic designer

In the current financial climate it makes complete economic sense to employ the services of a freelance designer.


I guess every single one of us is sick of hearing the word “recession” right now. The sad fact is that just about every single one of us in business in Ireland is having to deal with its effects on a daily basis. Of course, not all those effects are necessarily negative. There are ways to take advantage of this current economic climate, particularly in the design world. Here’s how…

For instance, say you’re a company who is about to launch a new product or revamp your website and traditionally, over the years, you have employed a design agency to handle these projects for you. Usually, you’d make an enquiry to them upon recommendation, or their sales person/marketing team will have contacted you. Next you’d be discussing the project brief with the creative director and the assigned account manager. All going well, you’d then meet the account manager and the assigned graphic designer to discuss the progress of the project at various intervals. In time, you’d see your project completed and then be in receipt of the final bill.

When times were financially freer, you would have accepted the design fee without question and regarded it as a worthy investment. But what if your advertising and promotion budgets have been slashed and you still require the same level of expertise and creativity for your Euro? Your immediate option may be to go to the same design house and renegotiate their rates. But would you get the same level of service and quality? It doesn’t take a genius to decipher the answer.

This is the moment when you should consider employing the services of a freelance graphic designer or freelance website designer. Nine times out of ten a freelance designer has the creativity, has the experience, and, having typically worked for a number of years in a design studio environment, has the capability to produce design studio quality work and at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, the freelance graphic designer or freelance website designer will be able to give total dedication to your project. You won’t be dealing with middle men who can potentially confuse issues and add time and financial overheads to your project – you’ll be dealing with the creative source directly and getting that excellent service and quality you require.

So, now I’ve convinced you that you should at the very least consider commissioning a freelance designer, let me introduce you to a very good one… :))


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