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Free Social Media Vector Icons

The free vector (.ai format) icons here are for RSS, Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, You Tube, Last FM, Linked In and Podcasts.


I have been working away on a job there for the last few days and part of the concept is to use social media/networking icons within the design. I needed to have a consistent style for them and they also needed to be in vector format so I could use them at any size… So, I decided to draw some up, and here they are for you to download – gratis.

I first offered this file to download back in December 2009, it has been averaging over 200 downloads per month! For those who have used the artwork in a project and are feeling generous, you might like to buy me a coffee ;)). Note, this is not compulsory, the file is free to use, I am just trying to appeal to your better nature.

Make a Donation

Thank you to T. Emerick and Lauren Kovacs for the donations!

The icons here are for RSS, Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, You Tube, Last FM, Linked In, Flickr, StumbleUpon, Google+, Delicious, Pinterest, Reddit, Skype and Podcasts. If I ever draw up some more in the same style I’ll add those too ;))

Click to Download FREE Social Media/Networking Icons

The file is in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) CS2 format. File updated 19th May 2012.

Stop stealing my artwork!

Ask permission to use the main image composition or at least give me an image credit and back link.

Since creating the main graphic on this page to promote the availability of my free social media vector icons in November 2009, it has been stolen repeatedly and used to promote other people’s businesses and blog articles. It’s now 2012 and Google tells me there are 18,600 instances of my graphic on the internet! Dear people of the internet, Google Images is NOT a free image resource!


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