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End of Year Review – 2012

Wow, what a year it’s been!

I’ve been very lucky during 2012, not only to have had a continual workflow and work on some great projects, but also to have developed my skill set and gain some excellent new clients and contacts. I’d like to thank everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past year and look forward to making even further progress and creating some exceptional projects in 2013.

On the development side of my career, it’s definitely been the year of ‘responsive design’. I’ve fully embraced this approach to website design and have applied responsive techniques to many of the sites I have launched this year. My favourite being the Cellcode project which has also received favourable reviews and showcases in some notable design-related blogs: Design Shack, Design Beep and Top Design Mag to name just three. One “design company” in Brazil even decided to rip off my entire design and code. It’s great to see how they’ve improved it… [ link removed ] Their “tribute” design has since been deleted.

Other responsive website design projects created in 2012 include the UCC Eldermet project, The Dungarvan Observer, PJ O’Reilly’s Pub, West Cork Rapid Response, Lee River Leather Co. and McNamara Fencing (see above).

I’ve also created new websites for local businesses Carbery Capital, DigitalForge and the West Cork Friday Ad as well as contributing to projects for Ledaean, Simon O’Reilly, Black Quarter Music and Carbery Enterprise Group.

Many of those projects also required branding, it’s been a pleasure to develop identities for Cellcode, Carbery Capital, PJ O’Reilly’s, Corporate Letting, The Builder Bundle and Working Traveller. The last three are yet to be officially launched, but they should see the light of day in the first quarter of 2013.

Also set for early 2013 are new sites for Cottages for Couples, Whales Worldwide and Corporate Letting. I’m developing an exciting new personal project that could potentially create full-time jobs for people in West Cork, so look out for my trumpeting of “Codename: Rendezvous”.

Just glancing back at what I’ve written I see that my target for 2012 has pretty much been realised. I set out to specialise in Branding and Website Design & Development and that’s how it’s panned out. As much as I enjoyed working on brochure, magazine and advertising projects, it seems I’m now recognised and called upon for my branding and website design skills. In fact, the only printed project I worked on was the local Fastnet Short Film Festival Programme. It’s been a transitional year!

Oh I nearly forgot… I finally got an invitation to Dribbble this year and I’ve been attempting to compete with my peers – it certainly helps to keep your design standards high. So, big fanx go to Mr. Prendergast. Indebted.

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