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Buy My Design Products at Creative Market

Having my own shop to sell some quality design products has been a thought that’s been rattling around my head for a number of years but I hadn’t ever found the time to do something about it. Joining Creative Market is the realisation of that idea. It’s a great community to be a part of and here I can create new items for other designers to use in their own design work. I like that.


Adding some new strings to my bow. Could this be a new career?

I decided recently to branch out a little and have started to sell some design products over at Creative Market. It’s a marketplace where fellow designers and photographers can sell their items to other designers. It’s a cool place to be and the quality of items for sale are usually very high.

The first items I have for sale are Photoshop mockup files of Apple products. These are great, I have used them extensively on this site to showcase the websites I’ve designed and produced. So I thought, hang on, I can make my own! I have released a series of 8 “Everyday Mockups” which are also available as a bundle.

I’ve also had an interest in type design for a number of years and I hope to start releasing a few font families over the coming months. My first, Carrig Rough, is a hand drawn typeface, it is influenced by classic letterforms carved into stone and weathered by time. As I type this, I am working on a more refined version of the same font. This will be a neoclassical typeface that would rival popular fonts such as Trajan and Adobe Garamond Pro.


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